Vodafone UK completes 5G testing at the Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport had the pleasure of being the first airport to give 5G technology a spin, and the credit goes to Vodafone UK for enabling it. Within weeks, other locations across the UK are scheduled to follow suit.

Soon, Vodafone will add additional locations to the list and Snow Hill railway station in Birmingham is just one example.

According to the travellers who had a chance to test it out, the download speed is about four times faster than what 4G allows for. Those who passed through Manchester’s 5G blast pod received a free pass for NOW TV. A single episode of Tin Star only took 45 seconds to download.

Vodafone UK claims that the entire series, if one were to download it, takes about 6 minutes to transfer. Comparatively speaking, this is on the level of what you can expect from a home Wi-Fi network. All in all, 5G technology is fast enough to enable lag-less streaming without hiccups.

Still, getting your hands on 5G handsets is impossible at the moment as these aren’t available yet. To get the trials underway, Vodafone resorted to using Gigacube, a 5G-enabled portable router. Passengers were able to connect to the network and initiate their desired downloads.

Nick Jeffy, CEO at Vodafone UK, believes that 5G, with its fast connection speeds, will allow for quick and easy consumption of TV shows and video game content.

Brad Miller, COO at Manchester Airport, mentioned they are constantly working on improving the airport experience by implementing new innovations and technology.