Vodafone set to provide virtual private cloud computing for SMEs

a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interfaceSmall businesses that want to turn global will soon have the opportunity to partner with Vodafone and make use of its private cloud computing service. The service, called Vodafone Total Cloud Flex, will be accessible wherever Vodafone has its data centres.

Vodafone unveiled the service a day before the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany, and is expected to be live by the end of June. Initially, the service will be available in the UK, Germany, Ireland, and Italy, but in the third quarter of 2016, SMEs in other countries, such as the U.S., will have access to it. Vodafone’s head of sales for cloud and hosting in central and southern Europe, Nadja Risse, said the company will also provide cloud service in either Hong Kong or Singapore.

A virtual private cloud service, Vodafone Total Cloud Flex is a service that small businesses can manage through a self-service portal. The portal will be available in the local language in large countries, such as Italy and Germany. The service will also be integrated with the on-premises infrastructure through MPLS or VPN.

Each serviced country is set to have at least two data centres. Ms. Risse explained this would allow the data to stay in the country where it originates and will also allow for quick and efficient redundancy and disaster recovery. “Enterprises want the certainty that the cloud solution they opt for reliably protects their data in line with the national data security and compliance standards,” added Ms. Risse.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is providing the technology; however, Vodafone will operate and monitor the cloud service.