Vodafone offers more support for businesses

BARCELONA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 5: Logo of Vodafone company in the shop on February 5, 2015. Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company.

Vodafone has committed to investing more in mobile infrastructure and will create a number of regional business hubs to improve support for businesses.

The hubs will be based across Norfolk and Suffolk, and the company believes that by creating a number of teams of support specialists for local businesses, it will be able to offer a better quality of support for SMEs. These would be based in cities in the region, such as Ipswich and Norwich.

The head of regional business at Vodafone, Dave Langhorn, has said that the Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) will be part of the annual investment programme worth £1 billion. The programme aims to deal with the issue of poor coverage that is affecting a number of rural-based businesses.

Vodafone has already installed more rural open sure signal solutions and there are plans for more. Mr Langhorn has also said that the government needs to take the lead when it comes to investment. The ROSS programme has succeeded in bringing 3G services to a number of rural communities.

Customer services, business account management, and network teams will be based within the regional centres. This will give the teams a stronger understanding of the ‘business landscape’ within the community. It is hoped that local businesses will attend the regional branches in order to learn new skills and to take part in networking events. A pilot system has already been carried out successfully in Leeds. It allowed Vodafone to work more effectively and develop closer relationships with customers, and customer satisfaction ratings rose.