Vodafone launches new broadband for small businesses

BroadbandA new phone and business broadband service has been created by Vodafone to improve connectivity for SMBs.

The new superfast business broadband service can deliver a speed of up to 76Mbps, but there are also other features that make this package a great choice. The SmartDivert feature, for example, can help a company to manage its calls, while the Beamforging technology will boost a Wi-Fi signal to parts of an office that a standard signal fails to reach. The package also includes Boost, which will prioritise specific devices on a network.

The packages begin at a cost of £30.99 for a two-year contract. This price does not include VAT but does include the cost of line rental and broadband. Some customers may also be charged for a new line or an activation fee, and the router for the broadband service also carries a delivery charge.

The enterprise director of Vodafone UK, Phil Mottram, has described this new package as “exciting news”. The company has been investing heavily in creating a dedicated network offering fibre optic broadband services that is business quality.

Customers also have the option of a single static IP, and if a company decides that they need more than one IP address, these can be provided as an add-on to the original service.

Over the past two years, Vodafone has invested approximately £2 billion in its network development. Around 24 million properties in the UK are now covered by the Vodafone network, including thousands of businesses.