Vodafone India plans to invest in its network next year

Close up of waving flag with Vodafone logo, 3D renderingVodafone India, the country’s second biggest telecom operator, plans to make massive investments in its network in the year to come.

Sunil Sood, chief executive of Vodafone India, explained that they see data as the next big opportunity. Forming a partnership with Nokia, they will double the roll out target for their network.

Currently, the amount of the investment remains unknown. However, it is known the investment will target the 3G and 4G technology network roll outs.

Sood added they have some quite aggressive targets in mind, and are rolling out the networks in accordance with those goals.

Vittorio Colao, Vodafone global CEO, addressed over 13-thousand employees in the month of October. He issued a warning about the intense competition going on in the sector.

Recently, Vodafone UK has invested Rs 47,700 crore in business expansion and spectrum purchases. Vodafone India paid the most when acquiring airwaves across the 1800, 2100, and 2500 MHz bands. The total sum paid for these was Rs 20,280 crore, with Rs 10,100 crore going to the government as an upfront payment.

The recent additions effectively expand Vodafone’s 4G spectrum to 17 circles. This should bring the company closer to Airtel, and Reliance Jio Infocomm, their competitors.

In September 2016, Vodafone India had a user base of 200.72M subscribers as reported by the Cellular Operators Association of India. The company has concrete data growth plans for India, believing the ecommerce segment plays a huge factor in the equation.