Vodafone and IBM: a new VMware workload cloud service partnership

Vodafone has partnered with IBM. Together, they will be offering a new service which will allow enterprises to move their VMware-based workloads from the Vodafone Hosted Private Cloud to the IBM Cloud.

According to Vodafone, the IBM Cloud will be used for the purposes of extending their private cloud service footprint across the globe. The new hybrid cloud will be available in 19 countries.

The company estimates that 50 million on-premises workloads are being run by more than 500,000 enterprises. One of the biggest obstacles they face is finding a secure, rapid, cost-efficient, and low-latency way for transferring them to the cloud.

By working with IBM, Vodafone hopes to resolve this problem. The service will take advantage of VMware’s NSX network virtualisation solution with a virtual datacentre based on VMware. This will act as a “bridge” between the IBM Cloud and Vodafone’s private cloud.

Enterprises will now have a way to access a footprint of geographically diverse datacentres, and will be able to control them from a single management portal. Additionally, they will be able to access IBM’s hybrid cloud capabilities, allowing them to use other IBM services such as IBM Watson.

Greg Hyttenrauch, director of cloud and hosting services at Vodafone, believes customers will now have more choice and flexibility as well as the possibility of a true hybrid cloud.

Customers will be charged on a consumption-based model. Vodafone also pointed out that by moving workloads into the applicable geographies, enterprises will now easily be able to comply with data residency regulations.