Vodafone and Arm partnership promises cheaper cost of connectivity

The new partnership between Vodafone and Arm promises to make it simpler to deploy IoT devices, thus reducing the cost of connectivity by up to 50%.

This news comes directly from MWC 2019. Together, the partners will work towards making SIM cards a thing of the past and moving the trend towards IoT connectivity. Phil Skipper, head of business development at Vodafone, believes that getting rid of the need for a physical card for connectivity should lead to a noticeable decrease in costs.

According to the latest statistics, 8% of Vodafone’s enterprise customers rely on IoT for connectivity. Since IoT devices are becoming increasingly more secure with higher capacity, this is driving the process of digital transformation in the corporate sphere.

In the past, only large corporations were interested in IoT technology, but now, small- and medium-sized businesses are starting to take notice as well. The fact that it offers a good ROI is another contributing factor to its adoption.

As previously mentioned, Vodafone will be the first to deliver 5G connectivity in the UK area. This is relevant because in the process, various private networks will be set up to enable the option of connectivity where it’s really needed (in mines and oil rigs, for example).

Recently, Vodafone has launched a 5G network at the Manchester Airport. With the help of these technologies that allow for high-speed connectivity, workers using two-wave radios and deck phones will have a high-connectivity option to explore.