VirusTotal releases a retro version for legacy systems

VirusTotal, one of the industry’s leading cybersecurity solutions, has launched a new retro interface designed for older machines. They describe it as “minimal interface for browsers.” Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

For starters, it’s good to know that VirusTotal is a multi-platform antivirus scanner acquired by Google in 2012. In order to initiate the scan, uploading a suspicious file or entering the URL is all you need to do.

There are many ways to submit the files, including via:


– Browser extension

– Desktop uploaders

– Public interface

One of the platform’s strongest competitive advantages is that it doesn’t check the files uploaded against a single malware database; in fact, it runs it through as many as 70 scanners. In addition to that, it also checks any websites you submit against domain blacklisting services.

The retro version of the interface is designed to cater to older browsers and legacy systems. In terms of functionality, it’s the same. Mobile users will benefit from it as well, since it takes much less bandwidth to load.

According to Pingdom, the original platform has a size of 947.6 KB. The newly-released retro version is only 6.1 KB in size. In terms of loading speed, there are slight differences; the former takes 486 ms to load up, while the latter has a loading time of 333 ms.

If you’re looking for an enterprise solution, be advised that last year, Alphabet launched the VirusTotal Enterprise service that promises task automation, quicker search options and threat detection.