Victorian student gains unauthorised access to high school network

After stealing a teacher’s password, a student managed to gain unauthorised access to Camberwell High School’s IT system, accessing all sorts of personal information from fellow students.

The Victorian Police are still investigating this data security breach.

Allegedly, the student used a staff password through which the following types of information were made accessible, with some of it shared with a select group of students:

– Medicare card numbers

– Medical information

– Contact details

According to the school’s spokesperson, they revoked access immediately after learning of the breach. They took the necessary steps to remedy the situation, including changing relevant passwords. Apart from that, the school contacted those affected, sent out letters to the whole school community, and set up a dedicated call centre for staff and families.

The spokesperson added that at this stage, there is no evidence that any of the stolen information has been outside of the school or uploaded to the internet.

There was a similar breach at nearby Blackburn High School recently, but the Victorian Department of Education and Training highlighted that the breaches are not connected. To quickly recap the events that transpired there, phishing emails were sent, claiming to be from the school’s principal, in which the perpetrators asked for credit card details.

In order to prevent similar events from happening elsewhere, the department is following up with all schools.

Bruce Armstrong, the department’s Regional Services deputy secretary, described the event as serious, but he does not view it as hacking. However, the department is willingly cooperating with the police.