Vanishing messages coming to Messenger and Instagram

Facebook has announced a ‘vanishing messages’ feature for Messenger and Instagram.

The new Snapchat-like feature is called Vanish Mode.

In Vanish Mode, as soon as the recipient reads the message and closes the chat, the sender will have the option to mark it for automatic deletion.

This also works with:

  • Images
  • Emoji
  • GIFs
  • Stickers
  • Voice messages

The first time around, a screen will pop up, explaining how Vanish Mode works.

The feature is optional (unlike Snapchat) and meant for casual conversations.

For transparency reasons, the sender will be alerted in case the recipient decides to take a screenshot of the conversation, which is reminiscent of the way that Snapchat operates.

While in Vanish Mode, Facebook users will still be able to report and block other users.

Should a user report a vanishing message, it will disappear after one hour, allowing the moderating staff to review the message in question.

Whenever a user is entering Vanish Mode, the screen will go dark to indicate the change.

To turn it off, there will be a button at the top of the screen.

Although the feature has end-to-end encryption, it is not a suitable method to secure the entire conversation.

For that purpose, Facebook offers a feature called Secret Conversations – Vanish Mode was added to even out the playing field with Snapchat, one of its rivals.

As for Instagram, Vanish Mode is bundled with many new features, an example of which is being able to react to a message with an emoji.

Vanish Mode was launched on Facebook on 12th November in the US, Mexico, Canada, Peru and Bangladesh, and is coming soon to Instagram in Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina and a few other countries.

It will roll out soon to other countries on both platforms, according to the company.

To get the upgrade, Instagram users will be asked to opt in first.

One of the perks of doing so is the ability to initiate cross-platform communication with Facebook.