US smartphone users seeking data security

A recent survey by Creative Strategies suggests that the privacy and data security aspects of US smartphone users is of paramount importance to them.

As a part of the survey, 800 respondents were asked about their interest, perception, and understanding of data security and privacy.

When asked about which device is the most important to them when it comes to privacy, 60% of the respondents answered that it is indeed their smartphones. Since everyday users are using them for accessing their email, taking photos, navigation, and even storing payment information, this is not at all surprising.

The survey signals a growing emphasis on data security and user privacy among the general public, as people grow increasingly concerned that hackers or law enforcement authorities could access their personal information.

US President Trump has been pushing for greater authority for the NSA, wanting to strengthen their ability to monitor personal messaging and conversations. As a direct result of this, various encryption apps are being downloaded at an increasing rate by smartphone users.

According to Variety, on the day that Trump’s victory was officially announced, Signal, an encrypted messaging app, skyrocketed to the 45th position in the US app store. Previously, Signal was occupying the 98th place.

Here are some of the remaining key points from the report:

  1. In 2015, companies that operated critical infrastructure sites reported 295 cyber incidents. In 2014, they only reported 245.
  1. Hackers can cause an enormous amount of damage by targeting industrial control systems.
  1. The Ukraine hacking incident that caused a blackout could serve as a blueprint for other hackers.