Upcoming Windows 10 changes, including fluent design

Microsoft has put out a new Windows 10 preview build that shows where they’re going with their new approach to visual design. We won’t be seeing these changes in the next Fall Creators Update, but rather in the next version of the operating system, which the company has codenamed Redstone 4.

Fluent design includes elements such as Acrylic Material, which will give apps an opaque, layered effect for added depth. Connected animation will serve the purpose of making transitioning scenes and Parallax 3D effects.

According to the previews available, the Reveal effect will try to focus users’ attention towards the specific elements of the screen which have an action – for example, when they move the mouse over the button of an app.

By opening up the Start menu, you will see each app button display a grey-tinted box as you move the mouse over the apps. Although a GIF would probably serve as a better tool for showcasing the effect than Microsoft’s image, the company did publish a video where the new design elements can clearly be seen.

Although this a small change, the Start menu is crucial to the whole Windows experience. The company has stated that additional design changes are on the horizon and that they will be coming in future updates.

In addition, Microsoft Edge has received fixes for problems with the address bar, text search field, PDF tab preview and various misfiring shortcuts.

We can expect the new version of Windows to be released in March 2018.