Ultrafast broadband a possibility in Liverpool

Liverpool skyline at the waterfront and famous landmark like liverpool museum, salt house and albert dock

Liverpool council is announcing plans to bring ultrafast residential and business broadband to the city.

The network would be created using the under-street ducts that are already in place. This would have the advantage of ensuring that broadband providers will not have to carry out installation works. The council would be renting out the ducts and would also benefit from the revenue gained from services offered by the relevant ultrafast broadband provider.

Gary Millar, local councillor, has said that it is believed that the city is missing out on growth and investments because companies believe that the business broadband in the city is not fast enough. He has also stated that existing Liverpool companies need the faster broadband speeds to help them attract more business. The aim is to ensure that the fastest broadband possible is brought to the city while keeping the cost of use as low as possible to attract users.

Broadband service providers are being asked if they have an interest in renting the space for the pipework. A similar scheme has already been put into place in Bristol with some success.

Councillor James Noakes has said that the work done so far on superfast broadband has made good progress. However, he has labelled ultrafast broadband ‘a game changer’. He believes that it can boost employment in the city as well as improving IT skills of workers. It is thought that a long-term contract could be awarded to a provider by the end of the year.