UK companies lack essential cybersecurity knowledge

Business lady typing on laptop at office

A study has revealed that UK businesses are not putting enough emphasis on training in cybersecurity, which puts them at risk of data breaches.

The research has been carried out by Axelos, a joint venture involving the UK government and Capita. It shows that most companies are not fully aware of the way that human error can increase the risk. Figures have also shown that three quarters of large companies suffered a data breach in 2015 that was linked to a member of staff. Half of all the worst data security breaches are related to human error.

The study found that 99% of all decision makers in IT security believe that awareness of cybersecurity is essential for reducing the risks. Of the survey participants, 28% said that the efforts that they have already made had been effective in changing the way that their staff views cybersecurity. Almost a third of participants believe that the training that they do offer is relevant to their workers and 62% are very confident that their training makes a difference.

The head of cyber resilience best practice at Axelos, Nick Wilding, has said that even though more data security technology has been put into place by businesses, there are an increasing number of cyberattacks taking place. Despite the negative tone of the research, Mr Wilding said that he believes that companies can benefit from regular awareness training.

Research carried out last year indicated that UK companies are among the highest spenders in the EU on IT security.