Uber Air is coming to Melbourne

Uber Air, the flying taxi service, will have a trial run in Melbourne.

This is now the third city to join the list. The digital transformation plan is scheduled to continue next year, reaching a full commercial extension in 2023.

The company wants to ease traffic congestion on the road; hence Uber Air came to be. According to their statements, they want to offer a way for tens of thousands of people to be transported across the town in quiet and safe electric vehicles. As for the pricing, allegedly, it’s going to be the same as an UberX trip over the same distance.

At first, the service will become available in the following countries:

– Brazil
– India
– France
– Japan
– Australia

In order to make these dreams a reality, Uber has decided to establish a partnership with the following companies:

– Telstra
– Scentre Group
– Macquarie

Each one of them will play a role in the realisation of this project. For example, Macquarie Capital will work with Uber Elevate in developing the skyports that will support vertical takeoff and landing. Telstra will be providing their network and connectivity knowledge. Finally, Scentre Group will be joining the roster as the infrastructure partner.

Currently, Uber is quite popular in Australia. According to the Uber Regional General Manager, 3.8 million Australians regularly rely on their services to get from point A to point B. He says the government recognises the need for ridesharing, believing it plays an important role in the city’s infrastructure.