Twitter to shut down its Periscope apps

Twitter has announced that by March 2021, Periscope as a service will no longer be available.

With that said, live video streaming will still be an option through the main Twitter app and its Twitter Live feature.

In one of its blog posts, company representatives elaborated that the app, in its current state, is in a maintenance mode that is unsuitable for use going forward.

According to Twitter’s usage reports, the Periscope app is seeing a downward trend in terms of popularity.

The company estimates that the maintenance costs for the app are likely to go up over time, which is one of the contributing factors behind the decision to discontinue it.

Although the service will be available until March, new account sign-ups are no longer allowed, starting with the latest version of the app.

Before it shuts down for good, users will have the opportunity to archive their videos and data for offline storage.

The Periscope website will remain active, but will serve only as an archive of public broadcasts.

Users who would like to become ‘Super Broadcasters’ will be pleased to learn that Periscope is relaxing the requirements to become one.

Those who are given the perk have the option to cash out the tips given to them by their followers.

The deadline for this is 30th April 2021.

Twitter acquired Periscope back in March 2015 before the service was officially launched.

During launch, Periscope’s popularity was high, but it did not stay this way in the long term.

In December 2016, Twitter integrated live streaming functionality into its official app.

The company has since moved most of the core features of Periscope into Twitter Live and decided to offer Periscope as a separate service.