Twitter expands voice tweets to more iOS users

In an effort to improve accessibility, Twitter has expanded its voice tweets feature to an increased number of iOS users.

This feature allows users to record a short audio snippet to include with their tweet.

The company is also going to add transcriptions to voice tweets in the hope that they will address and alleviate at least some of the concerns surrounding the feature’s original launch in June.

At the moment, however, users will have to get by with voice messages in their crudest form as no captions or transcriptions are available.

Voice tweets were met with criticism upon their initial introduction due to a lack of transcriptions.

In light of these events, it became clear that Twitter did not have a dedicated team for accessibility.

In fact, the company even asked its employees to volunteer their time to improve this aspect of its social media platform.

The good news for users is that this is all about to change, as in early September, the company made an announcement revealing that it had created two dedicated accessibility teams.

The first team has been assigned the task of working on accessibility within Twitter’s products, while the second team has been tasked with working on the accessibility of Twitter as a business.

However, one question remains: when will Twitter’s automated captions be going live?

Although no concrete date has been set, it is estimated to take place at the start of 2021.

It is unclear when transcriptions will become available.

The social media giant has said that voice tweets will be available to Android and web users at some point in 2021.

Twitter is also working on testing voice tweets sent via direct messages, and it is starting the initial tests in Brazil.