Twitter disables SMS-to-tweet feature

Twitter’s own CEO got hacked last week.

The response? Twitter’s SMS-to-tweet feature will be no more.

The company is making this cybersecurity decision temporarily.

However, no date for reactivation was specified at the time.

Furthermore, they’re blaming the incident on issues that mobile carriers are prompted to investigate.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO, lost control over his phone number to hackers who proceeded to post offensive tweets in an effort to harm the company’s image.

In technical terms, the technique they relied on is called SIM swapping and it’s becoming increasingly common, especially during the last two years.

In essence, the trick is executed by convincing an employee who works for a mobile operator via social engineering and other means.

If successful, they cave into the request, transferring control over to the hacker.

It goes without saying that the newly obtained control is used for nefarious purposes like resetting the passwords for online accounts.

In Dorsey’s case, they did not take over his account, but used the SMS-to-tweet feature to post provocative tweets on his timeline.

Luckily, the issue was remedied within 30 minutes by purging the account of the compromised phone number.

Incidentally, this is one of the oldest features of Twitter’s platform.

Many suggest this is what helped contribute to the social network’s popularity in the early days.

In fact, did you know that their 140 character limit was imposed so that the contents of every tweet would fit in an SMS message?

In light of recent events, though, SMS-to-tweet remains disabled… at least for now.