TOR Project announces improvements for secure mobile web browsing

TOR Project, a non-profit organisation, has announced cybersecurity measures to improve the security of web browsing for mobile devices.

Countries such as China, Iran, India, Myanmar, and North Korea, are known for keeping a close eye on which websites their residents decide to visit, and some of them need to rely on low-end mobile devices in order to access content online. According to the organisation, this is the reason behind why they decided to support this type of user.

The project, called Orfox (TOR browser for Android), began as a Google Summer of Code project. According to the developers, its security guarantees are almost on par with those of the regular TOR browser desktop software.

One of the new additions is the Security Slider, which desktop users are probably well aware of. Users can set it to allow all website features, or ban certain ones like JavaScript. This makes it much less likely that their device will be compromised, or that someone will track their activities.

The Orfox browser developers have already gone through a testing phase with the help of their testing team. According to them, they went through a full development cycle following the best UX practices. Not collecting data on user behaviour, has made it a requirement to  build a testing methodology, so their community could help them along.

Orfox can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, as well as a GitHub repository. The team is expecting to release additional updates in the future.