TikTok pulls out of Hong Kong and India, US also considers ban

The popular social media and video app TikTok has pulled out of Hong Kong due to the newly introduced national security law.

The new law could force local tech companies to share user data with the mainland, a move that would be met with severe criticism.

The US and other regions are considering a similar course of action.

ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, is of Chinese origin.

According to company officials, the app does not share data with the Chinese government.

The US government, however, is not content with simply taking their word for it.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has voiced concerns regarding TikTok and Chinese social media apps in general, so a ban would not be unexpected.

As the tensions between India and China continue to escalate, the former decided to ban TikTok alongside other similar apps of Chinese origin last week.

Other regions are likely to follow suit.

Lawmakers in the US have been emphasising the danger of TikTok being pressured into handing over user data at the request of the Chinese Communist Party.

A TikTok spokesperson has already responded to these claims, stating that the company is led by an American CEO.

Moreover, TikTok is claiming that its key leaders and employees are based in the US.

The company claims that it has never shared user data with the Chinese government and that it would not cave in to any requests, should they arise.

Despite the app now being banned in India, the TikTok spokesperson insisted that the company has never violated the country’s privacy and security requirements as defined by Indian law.

Pompeo has instructed US citizens to stay away from TikTok as they risk having their private information leaked to the Chinese government.