These two simple changes will up your cybersecurity game

Kaspersky Lab has released a report unveiling a shocking statistic: 77 per cent of business owners suffered a cyberattack during the last year.

It seems like every organisation is now a target, no matter how big or small. So, what can you do to bring your cybersecurity practices to the next level?

  1. Use a risk management approach

Simply put, your organisation’s cybersecurity needs to be approached like an insurance company, which means you’re going to have to implement a risk management strategy. During the process, you’re going to need to determine where the most vulnerable data is located, then protect it by prioritising your resources efficiently. Whether the data is in transit, flowing, or at rest, the same principles apply.

  1. Establish a good cybersecurity policy

The moment you’ve determined where your most sensitive data is located and how an attacker could take advantage of it to deal a heavy blow to your organisation, the next logical step is to write a cybersecurity policy to protect yourself. It’s important to keep working on it, so it never goes out of date. Yearly updates are quite recommended.

Any changes made to this policy needs to be communicated to your employees, as it’s crucial for them to understand how to be a part of the solution. Having no direction or a lack of ideas when crafting this policy is not a valid excuse, as there are plenty of templates that can be found online and used as a good starting point.