These four trends are dictating the future of retail

Retail isn’t dying, it’s merely going through a phase of digital transformation. The way we shop at brick and mortar stores is greatly influenced by technologies, such as IoT and augmented reality. The following four trends are the most promising and disruptive in this regard:

  1. Personalisation of customer experience

By analysing the personal profile you’ve established through using mobile apps, IoT devices, and beacons, brick and mortar stores can now make product recommendations based on what you’ve demonstrated you have liked in the past.

  1. No more checkout lines

Amazon Go is a good example of what the future of brick and mortar stores may hold for us. Here’s how it works: by scanning your cart with the use of cameras and AI, it’s possible to automatically determine its contents and charge you accordingly.

  1. Mobilised shopping

Nowadays, finding products online is easy. Just visit a retail store of your choice, pull out your trusty smartphone, scan the product, and order it online. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even get it delivered straight to your doorstep within a single day. Essentially, the shops are going to need to rethink their value proposition.

  1. Deciding with the help of augmented reality

Augmented reality noticeably streamlines the shopping process. For example, by utilising it, a shop can help you visualise how a particular piece of clothing would look on you without even having to try it on. On a similar note, augmented reality lets you virtually place a piece of furniture in your home, then helps you decide if it’s a good fit.