The UK welcomes Vodafone’s 5G network

Today is a big day for all the people in the UK! For the very first time in history, Vodafone will be switching on the 5G network.

This technology allows for much better download speeds. Compared to 4G, it’s about 100 times faster. To give an example, it allows for an HD movie to be downloaded in mere seconds. At the same time, this means that smartphone sales are quite likely to see an increase. Compared to what competitors can offer, Vodafone’s 5G prices are slightly more affordable.

If you’d like to give it a shot, beware not to consume too much data in a single swing! A 300 megabit-per-second-connection will burn up around 5 gigabytes’ worth of data in 3 minutes or less, which can effectively deplete your monthly reserves before you even realise it.

At this point, pretty much all the major cities are covered, with the rest following shortly before the end of the year.

Nick Jeffery, CEO at Vodafone UK, is proud to witness the largest launch of 5G in the UK. He believes that adopting 5G will help businesses attract investment and boost productivity. The public health sector, in particular, should be greatly improved as a result as well. The great news is that the consumers will be able to enjoy the fastest mobile speeds to date.

In any case, stay tuned, as Vodafone will be revealing even more exciting details at a press conference scheduled to take place today.