The preview release of Microsoft’s OpenJDK has arrived

Microsoft is rolling out the preview release of OpenJDK, which is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS

Given that Microsoft relies heavily on Java across different projects (including Minecraft, LinkedIn, Yammer and Azure), it hardly comes as surprise that its development kit is now being made available to customers.

The latest release of OpenJDK is a long-term distribution.

Inside, you will find binaries for Java 11, and it is available both for the x64 server as well as the desktop environment of Microsoft Windows.

At the same time, Microsoft is also publishing an access release for Java 16 for Windows on Arm.

Back in 2019, Microsoft acquired jClarity with the goal of utilising its technology for Java workload optimisation on Azure.

The commercial support for AdoptOpenJDK binaries was marketed as being the perfect substitute for Oracle’s Java/JDK.

Since 2018, Microsoft has been a sponsor of the AdoptOpenJDK project.

According to company officials, it was the acquisition of jClarity that paved the way for the formation of Java Engineering Group.

Currently, Microsoft deploys in excess of 500,000 Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) at the internal level for the following categories:

  • Big data systems
  • Streaming services
  • Gaming servers
  • Back-end microservices
  • Message brokers

The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK is already the backbone of 140,000 of these JVMs.

For Microsoft Azure customers, a preview is available in Azure Cloud Shell that can be executed through the Windows terminal or browser.

Company officials said that the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK will be the main distribution for Java 11 across Azure-managed services.

They also said that the transition will be smooth and that there will be no need to perform any kind of maintenance tasks.

When it comes to other Azure services, customers are free to use any JDK of their choosing.