The online version of Microsoft Office now known as ‘Office’

Word Online’ or ‘Office Online’ have now become terms of the past. From now on, Microsoft will simply refer to their popular online editor as ‘Office’.

To distinguish their online version of the software for practical purposes, the older terms are likely to remain a part of the company’s vocabulary. The official name, however, will be taking on a new, updated form.

Unlike what many would expect, the following names will remain in-tact:

– SharePoint Online

– Office Online server

– Exchange Online

Microsoft have made the argument that their offerings have changed to reflect the needs of the current times, hence the name change. Nowadays, users have the freedom to access their apps on more than a single platform, so platform-specific sub-brands no longer make sense to remain a part of the name.

In one recent blog posts, the company officials noted that they’ve already applied these changes across the following:

– Technical and marketing content

– Communications

– In-product experiences

According to their words, the remaining updates are scheduled to take effect soon.

One emerging critique of Microsoft’s new naming system is that it could make it difficult to understand what version of Office is referenced when talking about the subject. Skype for Business and the commercial version of Skype, for example, are designed to cater to the needs of different customers. To illustrate the point, referring to both of them as ‘Skype’ could result in complications and misunderstandings, but we’ll let time take its natural course and see the effects in practice.