The first 5G network in Ireland goes live

By switching on 5G in Ireland, Vodafone has become the first mobile operator to do so.

Among the additional locations planned to go live in the forthcoming months, these are the regions to receive 5G:

– Galway

– Limerick

– Cork

– Waterford

– Dublin

In order to launch the new network, Vodafone has partnered up with Ericsson, a Swedish equipment maker company. In addition to that, a new Vodafone-ASSERT Centre partnership is on the horizon. Together, they will make the first training centre for 5G connected medical robotics and telemedicine.

Reportedly, Huawei’s equipment won’t play any role in the new network.

Vodafone says that RED Business plans and RED Complete plans are 5G ready. As for the tariffs, you can expect to pay around €25 for the SIM-only package, but if you also want the handset, this will set you back €40 per month.

Anne O’Leary, CEO at Vodafone Ireland, marked this as a moment of history for Vodafone. She says Vodafone has been preparing for the 5G launch in Ireland for the last 18 months.

John Griffin, MD of Ericsson Ireland, stated that they work closely with their customers with the goal of being at the forefront of technology. Supposedly, the company has been investing in Ireland for the past 60 years. He is proud of their Research and Development Centre in Athlone that contributes a great deal to 5G innovation.

However, the head of Europol is not as excited about 5G in general. According to them, 5G will make it impossible to track suspects’ mobile devices or carry out surveillance.