The cloud now stores 25% of all corporate data

Independent Oracle Users Group, together with Amazon Web Services, conducted a survey regarding the corporate cloud usage, and the results are in: one-fourth of all corporate data now resides in the cloud.

In total, 202 IT and data managers were surveyed in the process, and the conclusion is that the public cloud providers now house about 25% of corporate data. The digital transformation trend seems to indicate that around half of new projects are also being deployed to the public cloud. Two-thirds of the respondents claim they are looking at a hybrid arrangement in the next year or two.

A total of 58% of respondents report that they are replacing or upgrading existing systems with cloud solutions. As for hybrid vs. pure cloud solutions in terms of architecture, the numbers were pretty close (34% versus 33%, respectively). Of all cloud projects, 23% had something to do with SaaS applications.

With regards to the challenges faced by them, networking and connectivity issues topped the list with 37% of respondents citing these as the problem. Another 35% had issues with managing and implementing the service. Also, 35% noted that there were problems with the cloud service they were using.

Of all cloud data projects, 41% went directly into supporting production applications, while another 27% of the group indicated this was the very first time they had deployed a database function to the cloud.

In conclusion, the cloud is playing an ever more substantial role in the corporate environment, and we’re likely to see more of it in the future.