Tesla has already won the race, Elon Musk says

When it comes to digital transformation and the competition of who gets to develop a fully autonomous vehicle technology first, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, believes the company has already won the fight.

Specifically, in a year’s time, he believes that driving a car manually will be much less safe than being driven around in one that’s completely operated by autonomous technology. He is very confident in Tesla’s state of technology, claiming it’s ahead of anyone else’s.

In fact, he is so confident that he believes the self-driving vehicle revolution is less than a year away from us. His vision seems to be very clear; when the company’s Autopilot technology becomes 200% safer than the capabilities of a human driver, and it’s proven beyond any doubt, having a human person in the driver’s seat would actually increase danger, not lessen it.

Musk elaborated on his point by stating that back in the day, elevators would require a human operator in order to remain operational. Nowadays, elevators are fully automated and do a better job than a human operator ever could.

In a similar manner, he believes that once time has taken its course, people will wonder why anyone would willingly want to drive a two-ton death machine manually, as he humorously dubbed a regular vehicle.

Recently, Tencent Keen Security Lab’s research brought up the question of small objects like stickers confusing Tesla’s Autopilot system. Musk brushed off the criticism, saying it’s very easy to work around that with the help of anti or negative recognition.