The suspicion behind Microsoft’s new Photos Add-on app

Recently, Microsoft began pushing a forced update that installs a new Photos Add-on app. The Windows 10 community isn’t taking the unexpected arrival too well, but what does the new app really do?

The mysterious new app first appeared in the updates delivered on October 10th. Based on the Windows Store ratings and user reviews, it was already visible from October 1st and onwards.

The thing that is truly problematic is that this app is basically a forced install. Essentially, this is an update for the built-in Photos app that users receive with their installation of Windows 10.

Reports suggest that the app is part of an architectural change that will allow Microsoft to deliver new updates to the app. Among the changes are 3D effects, filters, text, and more. From now on, the UWP apps will be able to communicate with each other.

In fact, we may already be seeing the results of this new update in action. By launching the Photos app, some Windows 10 users have been greeted by a dialog that promises new premium content for your video projects. Most likely, this is related to the Microsoft Office 365 premium content.

Still, many disagree with the way Microsoft decided to handle this issue, and denying users the option to control what gets installed on their computers can be a source of frustration indeed. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if Microsoft had provided some sort of documentation in the listing for this add-on.