Survey suggests that students need better data security education

Multicultural group of friends using cellphones - Students sitting in a row and typing on the smartphonesA recent Intel Security survey reveals that 50% of UK students are not taking appropriate measures to protect the data security of their phones, laptops, and tablets.

In order to acquire those results, more than 1000 UK students were surveyed. The results are especially concerning due to the fact that around 25% of the students reported to be spending their time online almost constantly, and only 50% of students said they were using any kind of security software.

Furthermore, around 90% of students said they take advantage of public Wi-Fi services on their campuses regardless of them being secure or not.

The survey’s results, however, may not be as grim as they seem to be. Around 48% of students expressed their willingness to attend university seminars on the topic of online and data security if the university offered them.

Nick Viney from Intel Security says that students’ eagerness to learn about data security is certainly a step in the right direction. At the same time, Viney added, it is concerning that so many students are not educated about it and open themselves up to risk without knowing. He believes that parents as well as universities have a responsibility to educate the youth about the subject.

Intel Security recommends that students should take advantage of antivirus software, as well as making periodic backups of their files. Finally, they recommend that students should strive to employ safe surfing practices that will help ensure their security while on the internet.