What do successful digital enterprises have in common?

Phil Wainewright, co-founder of Diginomica, a digital insights company, explained six traits successful digital enterprises have in common, describing the model of the so-called “frictionless enterprise”, the one that quickly moves information across all internal and external boundaries.

Wainewright believes the problem with today’s digital transformation efforts lies in the fact that workplaces tend to be constructed on clunky processes that are outclassed by the newest technologies. According to him, digital transformation is not only about changing the technology, but also changing the inner workings of the enterprise.

He believes a frictionless enterprise is:

  1. Ubiquitous

He believes the new enterprise world will make you be connected all the time. For example, you won’t even need to carry around your phone all the time, since you will be able to answer incoming calls in your car.

  1. On-demand

Cloud computing and on-demand economy go hand in hand, and it’s very much an as-a-service model.

  1. Real-time

Information should be readily-available and you shouldn’t need to wait for it.

  1. Collaborative

He views collaboration as the way of the future. Teams will need to be well-connected.

  1. Ready for change

Many businesses are still clinging to older systems and processes that simply don’t allow for adaptation to new market realities. The solution, as he views it, lies in flexibility.

  1. Customer-based

All enterprise activities need to be based around the customer, otherwise it’s not going to work. This is probably his most important observation.