Staff burnout puts your cybersecurity at risk, survey says

Symantec, a cybersecurity company, and Goldsmiths from the University of London, have joined together to find out to what extent having your staff overworked and overstressed affects your risk of becoming victimised by cybercriminals. Here is a summary of the results.

During the research, more than 3,000 senior cybersecurity decision-makers and CISOs were surveyed, originating from Germany, France and the UK. Almost two thirds of the respondents claim that they are under severe pressure and are giving serious thought to quitting their jobs.

Considering that those with great knowledge of cybersecurity could also potentially use their knowledge for darker deeds, this poses a real problem that needs addressing. Even without it, 44% of respondents believe their cybersecurity team does not have the skills needed to combat the digital threats that are out there.

Almost half of cybersecurity professionals complain of having a lack of time to boost their skills and adapt to the digital threats of the modern age. Around the same number of them feel that cybercriminals are slowly getting the upper hand due to being funded by well-resourced criminal organisations.

What’s even more problematic is that a cybersecurity expert needs a formal certificate or another way to prove their skills before being able to cash in on their knowledge. A cybercriminal, on the other hand, can jump straight into action to earn their living in an unethical manner.