Splunk as a data security tool at universities

Security System Access Password Data Network Surveillance ConceptBig companies are not the only ones to tackle the question of data security, certain universities around the globe are actively involved in finding answers to the data security problem. Chris Kurtz from Arizona State University sat down with John Furrier and John Walls, co-hosts of theCUBE, to discuss Splunk and its applications.

According to Kurtz, the university started using it years ago. At first, they started as a 50-gigabyte customer, and currently, they are at a terabyte.

Kurtz wants to make Splunk an enterprise-level tool the entire university can use. He praised the tool for being responsive and easy to use. He added that using Splunk made everyone’s jobs easier.

He went on to say that by working with the tool, he is constantly getting new ideas on how the data can be used. This involves doing something new with a pre-existing set of data, or combining two data pieces together in order to form something new. He noted that those are all spur of the moment kinds of ideas that often surface from random conversations in the hallway.

All in all, Kurtz is fond of Splunk due to how comfortable it is to use. Finally, he expressed his enthusiasm for the Splunk community. According to him, he has been working in the field of IT for 25 years, and has never seen anything quite like it.

Splunk is a company based in San Francisco primarily known for producing software for analysing machine-generated large chunks of data through a web interface.