SMBs not taking cybersecurity seriously enough, research finds

The latest research that comes from Keeper Security finds that SMBs are not taking cybersecurity as seriously as they should be.

Here are some of the takeaways:

– 60% of respondents don’t have any kind of prevention plan in place

– 18% claim cybersecurity is at the bottom of their priority list

– 67% believe they are unlikely to fall prey to cybercriminals

– 19% perceive the reputation damage resulting from a cyberattack ranks higher than the cyber risk itself

– 25% are clueless as to where to begin with cybersecurity

– 73% of companies with a turnover of < $1 million believe a cyberattack against them is unlikely

While that might not sound too reassuring, there were a couple of positive points:

– 58% of respondents enforce a company cybersecurity policy

– 52% have a security vendor

– 48% train their employees

How to interpret these findings? The numbers, as they stand, shouldn’t come as a surprise as they’re in line with what other surveys have shown. Too many small and medium business owners don’t fully comprehend the risks that come with poor cybersecurity practices or the lack of a solid plan.

The GDPR is written in such a manner that deflecting responsibility is no longer an option; if one of your suppliers mess up, your company will be held accountable as well. Therefore, business owners are advised to do their best to educate their suppliers.