Slow & Steady Wins the Race…Not Anymore

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, right? Slow and steady wins the race is the catchphrase, but in the world of Digital Transformation, being slow could leave you out of business.

You will have no doubt heard the term ‘Digital Transformation’ being bandied about but perhaps never thought too much on it.

Everyone says you should ‘embrace a digital transformation’ but are they talking codswallop or are they onto something?

What does a Digital Transformation Really mean?

A digital transformation can vary dependent on sector, but essentially it is the replacement of analog systems to digital ones, and in our case, moving capabilities from a ‘cupboard’ to a Cloud based solution thus ensuring a seamless digital transformation to ensure smarter business utilisation.

Digital Transformation is also another way of ensuring you are keeping your business up to date with the latest trends and ensuring your staff are operating with maximum efficiency.

The above just scratches the surface on why you really must digitally transform in order to remain competitive, we look at three key reasons as to why you do not want to get left behind.

Decision Making

Predicting, forecasting, estimating, whatever you want to call it, each year you will plan for the 12 months ahead across numerous sectors, allocating budget whilst trying to juggle an unpredictable balance sheet.

However, by embracing a digital transformation you have a huge advantage over your competitors in making a more realistic marketing, sales and recruitment plan due to the large amount of data accessible to you through your Cloud capabilities.

Predictable growth is the target for most organisations allowing them to borrow against future sales in a bid to scale up efficiently and without severe risk of taking the company through a strain should a disruptor decimate the market.

The ability to streamline your decision-making with data at your fingertips is a priceless asset which simply cannot be ignored.


Should a proposed disruptor enter your field and ‘shake up the apple cart’ then you need to be able to act swiftly and precisely to counteract or limit the potential damage.

Every single one of your competitors wants your clients for themselves and will try all sorts of methods to get ahead in the game.

Transforming digitally gives you the capabilities to react, target and most importantly satisfy your clients that you are the best at what you do.

Being able to access your data from anywhere could be a game changer should you see a rapid shift in market pattern and require access anywhere in the world.

Your Customers are Key and are more likely to stay

When you make a purchase, we often do so in the expectation it will make our lives easier, this is exactly why your clients engage with you no matter what sector you work in.

Ease of use, efficiency and customer service are three vital elements for your clients and if you can deliver all three then why would your customer go anywhere else?

Instant data, high availability, the ability to scale up as and when required, workplace mobility and cost will be key reasons as to why you need to ensure you have taken the digital transformation step.

After all, the tortoise may have won round one, but the hare won’t make the same mistake twice.

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