Skype now supports an end-to-end encryption option

Microsoft has enabled end-to-end encryption for making private Skype calls. All Skype users can access it on Windows, Linux, Max, Android, and iOS.

This feature was first announced in January this year, and it’s now finally here. All users who are running the latest version of Skype should be able to access it without problems. At the time, it was also promised that Skype would support:

– Audio calls

– File transmission

– Text messaging

Testing revealed that the encryption option only works on one conversation at a time. To use it, open the recipient’s profile or select it from the menu. This will send an invitation to the recipient. Until the end of the session, all conversation, messages, calls, and image/video/audio transmissions will be protected by it.

According to Microsoft, Skype uses 256-bit AES encryption. However, don’t confuse this with end-to-end encryption. The latter means that everything is secured, including the messages stored on servers, not just the communication channel.

In related news, Microsoft is testing the new SMS Connect feature on Skype. As the name suggests, the feature allows for sending SMS messages from Skype, and both PCs and Macs are supported. If you’re interested in more details, check out last week’s Skype Preview on Android.

Moreover, the Skype call recording functionality is in the process of being rolled out to Skype consumer users, beginning with Android. All platforms will offer the functionality of stopping and starting call recording and making it available to send to others.