Singapore uses NB-IoT to locate parked bicycles

SG Bike and M1 have entered a partnership: with the help of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology, they will be able to locate parked bicycles and curb errant parking. The new partnership is aimed to take the SG Bike’s current geo-fencing system to a new level.

Both companies have stated that local authorities are urging bike-sharing users to leave their bicycles in designated spots. To that end, additional measures have been put in place. Among them were the set guidelines for operators to clamp down on those who violate these rules and promote better practices, with geo-fencing technology planned until the end of 2017.

Apart from that, additional designated parking spots were planned to be put in place by that point. Altogether, there are now at least 4,000 of these, and their areas are neatly diversified: some are located near parks, bus stops, MRT stations, as well as residential estates.

There are consequences for not leaving the shared bikes in a designated parking spot, where they belong. Anyone who violates the parking regulation will have to pay a fee of S$1. However, the penalty increases with each subsequent offense.

In the new partnership, IoT technology will be used for the purposes of real-time communication, and to help retrieve the wrongly-parked bicycles. According to SG Bike, the current geo-fencing system allows them to tap into radio frequency identification, thereby achieving better accuracy. As of right now, there are 1,300 geostations deployed across Singapore.