Singapore moves towards improving citizens’ health through technology

Singapore will be introducing a new global national public health program with the aim of improving the health of its citizens. Fitbit is the country’s digital transformation partner. Let’s take a look at what they’re up to.

The project was named Live Healthy SG. Its main objectives are to motivate the citizens to improve their living habits in the following areas:

– Sleep

– Nutrition

– Physical activity

– Emotional wellbeing

To bring it all to life, they will be introducing IoT wearables and one-on-one health coaching.

James Park, the co-founder and CEO at Fitbit, believes the key lies in making one’s health achievable and accessible via technology that’s simple, fun, and innovative. According to him, partnering up with Singapore’s HPB is a recognition of their work. He is convinced that the company’s devices will improve the nation’s health on a large scale.

Anyone who chooses to participate in the program will also be given the option of sharing their data with the HPB, based on which the nation will be able to gain valuable insights into the population’s health. However, it needs to be emphasised that consent is needed and is completely optional.

The company says the devices will be available for pre-ordering in the middle of September and the program will be launched at some point in October.

Among the rest of the projects that are part of Singapore’s smart nation initiative are the following:

– A digital office

– A user identity verification and data transfer tool

– A drowning detection system

Additional information will be posted once it becomes available.