How to shield your data from insider threats

In their mission to protect their most sensitive data, companies are constantly looking for new ways to do so. An alarming statistic suggests that as many as 44.5% of attacks are initiated by malicious insiders, which means that sitting idly by is no longer an option, and a concrete action plan is required.

Today, we will discuss 5 ways that companies can ramp up their data security and protect their critical data from insider threats:

  1. Define

In the first step, you must review your data and define what part of it should be considered critical; and, perhaps even more importantly, what happens should it get lost or stolen.

  1. Discover

Where is the critical data located in your organisation? Discovering this is one of the most important steps you can take to create a data catalogue and taxonomy.

  1. Baseline

What security controls does your organisation have in place? By determining this, you will be able to protect your sensitive data better and more efficiently.

  1. Secure

The fourth step in the process is to design and implement technical solutions to protect data. A road map needs to be created so the most important pieces of the puzzle are adequately secured.

  1. Monitor

Data never sits around in a static manner, so it is imperative to continue monitoring what is going on. Additionally, as time goes on, new data is created. Having a clear overlook on who can access what goes a long way, and training the team to better understand data security risks is at least equally as important.