Server admin tools available on demand in Redstone 5

If you’ve ever dreamt about being able to use server admin tools on demand, Microsoft Windows 10 “Redstone 5” now allows this.

From now on, you won’t have to manually download RSAT every single time you decide to make an upgrade. Instead, all the RSAT components will be displayed in the settings section, from where you’ll be able to decide which ones you’d like to see. According to Microsoft, these will persist even after going through with the upgrade.

If you’re wondering what the scope of the tool options is, here’s what’s included:

– DHCP and DNS Server tools

– Active Directory Certificate services tools

– Remote Access Management tools

– BitLocker Drive Encryption Administration Utilities

– and more

The updated tab page in Sets will also make it more obvious that it’s possible to launch apps from there. The gaming crowd will also be quite pleased with the screen latency optimisation settings, and web developers will happily make use of the Web Authentication interface, which is a part of Microsoft’s initiative to replace traditional passwords with hardware-bound credentials.

In related news, Microsoft Launcher app for Android is receiving new features that will allow parents to see how their kids are using their devices, including:

– Xbox One consoles

– Windows 10 PCs

– Android phones

In concrete terms, they will be able to check their last known whereabouts, location and time, as well as track how much time they’ve spent in each given app.