Security professionals raise ransomware concerns

Security breachA survey conducted among security professionals has revealed that most believe a ransomware attack would lead to the loss of essential data.

The survey was carried out by Tripwire during a recent conference. Approximately 200 professionals took part in the survey and were asked if they believed that their organisation could recover from such an attack without the loss of data. Only 38% of participants stated that they believed it would be possible.

The senior security researcher for Tripwire, Travis Smith, has said that when a company chooses to pay a ransom, it is based on their confidence in restoring the data. Most ransomware data security attacks only give a limited time to pay a ransom and businesses have to believe that they will be in a position to restore all the relevant data quickly. He is calling upon businesses to improve their backup services and the procedures for restoration, so that the cost of getting data back after a breach can be kept to a minimum.

A total of 73% of data security experts questioned stated that the most vulnerable are the critical infrastructure providers. Just over half said that they had concerns that executives could not recognise a phishing attempt. Experts believe that the number of spear phishing attempts over the last year has risen.

Ransomware attacks have increased in recent months with a report putting it as the main threat for mobile devices. Experts are advising that critical data be backed up efficiently and that care be taken when opening attachments.