Security company head urges laws for better IoT safety

Santosh Devaraj, the head of Secure Logic, has raised a concern that the Australian lawmakers should follow the examples of California and the UK and make a stand against insecure IoT devices.

In September, California passed a law that requires each manufactured IoT device to have a unique set of login credentials. Last month, the UK also made a move in the right direction by issuing a set of guidelines for IoT device manufacturers to follow.

Devaraj believes that IoT devices play a substantial role in our society, such as fixing pollution and improving productivity. However, this should never come at the expense of our privacy and the safety of our personal information.

According to Devaraj, the vast majority of people are not aware of how dangerous unsecured IoT devices can be, that’s why the Australian government needs to collaborate with the cybersecurity industry to bring about the changes that would empower the people.

He suggested the following:

– To avoid being shipped with the default password, every IoT device should come with a unique one

– Software updates should be a mandated process

– Investing in nation-wide education program to inform the general population about what’s at stake (for example, not too many realize that common IoT devices such as pacemakers and baby monitors can be hacked)

Finally, he expressed a willingness to connect with key industry figures and collaborate with them to ensure support for such laws.