Scotland to witness a datacentre boom

Abstract of modern high tech internet data center room with rows of racks with network and server hardware.

The datacentre market in Scotland is expected to grow nearly four-fold by the end of 2019, says a new report from Research and Markets. The country already has datacentres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, and another three datacentres are planned for the future, according to the Research and Markets report titled: Datacentre Scotland 2016.

The report pointed out that three planned datacentres, DataVita in Lanarkshire, the Blair Farm Datacentre in Fenwick, and the Queensway Park Datacentre in Glenrothes, can give further impetus to datacentres in the region. This will also boost companies who provide datacentre hosting services.

However, Scotland would have to address certain infrastructure issues to transform the country into a hub for datacentres. The Scottish parliament is already promoting the datacentre space available in the country, but more needs to be done.

There is a high demand for cloud hosting, cloud computing, and co-location services from the public sector, healthcare, life sciences, and large enterprises. These services will get a boost if Scottish datacentres can provide better connections to international cables. Currently, connections are through London or Shetland Isles, which can result in latency. Therefore, a direct connection would be able to address this problem and as a result, more multinational companies will be attracted to the datacentres.

While Scotland has plenty of sources for renewable energy, datacentres have to rely on local suppliers, and this can increase the cost of energy, which is higher in the UK compared to Iceland, Sweden and Norway.

The report concludes that if Scotland can address these infrastructure issues, it will allow the region to take a large share of the datacentre market in the UK. With its own fibre ethernet, high-speed data circuits and pricing, the Scottish datacentre market can grow even more quickly.