Samsung NB-IoT GPS smart tag released

The Samsung Electronics’ Connect Tag is here, and it’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s the first of its kind to use the narrowband IoT network. Its potential uses include tracking children, pets, and personal items.

Samsung Electronics has brought us a smart tag that takes advantage of an NB-IoT network. The tag has the capability to sync with GPS and WPS or the Wi-Fi position system, which allows for its tracking functionality.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it does not require that you be exceedingly careful with it, as it’s both dust-proof as well as water-proof. The tag has a wide array of potential uses, including tracking personal items, children, and pets; and it can be attached it to your luggage or a business bag without issues.

Since the device consumes very little power, you can expect a single charge to last you for the whole week. This smart tag also features an attachable ring that makes it easy to connect to a keychain, for example.

It has two notable modes: an on-demand mode and a geo-fence mode. The former displays its location at set times, while the latter is designed to alert the user whenever the device leaves a predefined virtual zone.

It can also be used to control your smart home IoT gadgets. For example, it could be used to turn on the TV at home or perhaps turn on the lights.

Compared to cellular IoT, NB-IoT is more power-efficient. Cheaper models allow for a wider area of coverage that enables the deployment of low data-intensive services at cheaper costs.