Samsung launches smart clothes dresser that documents cleaning history

Air Dresser, a new product launched by Samsung Electronics, was designed to be an IoT device that catalogues clothes as well as their cleaning history.

Apart from the already-mentioned functionality, the innovative closet-shaped dresser also accomplishes the following to process the clothing:

– Dries

– Steams

– Airs

– Purifies

This allows the clothing to be effectively being rid of odours and micro-dust. This is accomplished by bursting steam and air from top to bottom and by using a special filter with the ability to eradicate odours. Apart from that, it includes a special sterilisation feature that eliminates viruses and germs.

You also have the option of connecting Air Dresser with SmartThings, the IoT platform that belongs to Samsung. This allows you to take advantage of inventory management and the best cleaning course options.

According to HS Kim, CEO of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Business, Air Dresser is a testament to the company’s leadership in the IoT sphere and demonstrates their commitment to making a change in millennials’ lifestyle.

Moreover, Samsung has launched My Closet, a service that collects data from clothing brands and uses it to determine the best possible care method for a given product.

In order to accomplish this, scanning the barcode is all that is needed; then, the software proceeds to determine what fabric the clothes are made of and suggests the best care method. This works on products from brands that have partnered with Samsung, of which there are six so far, including:

– 8seconds

– Beanpole

– Galaxy

My Closet also displays cleaning history for each product stored within.