Robots developed to fight coronavirus

Chinese researchers from Soochow University in east China’s Jiangsu province have developed new breakthrough technology: a robotic sprayer designed for reducing the transmission of coronavirus in urban areas.

In the past, this air-blast machine was used in agriculture.

The new rendition of the technology makes it suitable for carrying disinfectant liquid cleaners.

Remote controls can be used to operate the robotic sprayer.

Its spray devices have a range of 30m, and the robot’s walking speed is 7km per hour.

The narrow design makes it easy to navigate all sorts of environments, including construction sites, bus stations, underground parking garages and residential communities.

The researchers are also planning to use it in local schools.

China’s medical professionals are looking to deploy the robot soon.

UVD Robots, a Danish robotics company, has also come up with a robot of its own to fight the coronavirus.

Its technology uses UVD light that breaks down the DNA of the virus, effectively killing it.

It can also kill off SARS and MERS, the two viruses that share many similarities with the deadly coronavirus that has been sweeping across Southeast Asia from 2019.

One of the main advantages of the robot is that it can move around autonomously.

In a healthcare environment, hospital-acquired infections pose a threat to patients and medical staff alike.

Not only do they pose a risk, but they are also costly.

In the EU alone, the economic impact has now reached €7bn.

This is where UVD Robots’ technology comes in – it can kill off 99.99% of bacteria and a great amount of viruses, including the new coronavirus.

Hospitals in China have taken an interest in the new technology.

However, the travel bans are making it quite a challenge to deliver it overseas.