RealWear raises $100M for connected headset

RealWear, an IoT company known for making connected industrial headwear, has reached their funding goal of $100M.

Their connected headset is almost like Google Glass 2; however, it was developed to address the needs of industrial workers. The technology seems to be entering the market at just the right time, with the 10 million’s worth of manufacturing job openings to greet the decade that is to come.

Augmented reality is the name of the game. Among other things, it will help field workers with on-the-job knowledge transfer. Things like schematic overlays and expert guidance could really help shake things up a bit. However, RealWear is far from the only contender. Vuforia and Google are also fighting for their piece of the pie, and the industrial revolution is just around the corner.

With that being said, while automation will play a substantial role in the industrial future, human workers will still remain an important part of it. Unlike their competitors, RealWear has decided to take a slightly different approach to business. Instead of focusing on feature-reach hardware, they are prioritising usefulness, safety and efficiency.

Up to this point, RealWear has managed to ship in excess of 15,000 units, making them an established technology provider. Looking at the last 18 months of their activity, a similar story is revealed. During this period, they have added around 1,300 enterprise customers. Plus, their app ecosystem prides itself in providing a number of workforce software applications, more than 120, in fact.