Raised Body Temperature Detection, helping manage the spread of COVID-19

HM Government’s key strategy to minimise the impact of COVID-19 is to reduce the opportunity for transmission, initially through hand washing and social distancing progressively building to more ridged social distancing and shielding for those considered most at risk of developing severe symptoms.

Identifying those that have or, may have, an infection and isolating them can significantly reduce infection rates. There is no easy, self-administrable test for the antigen so it is difficult for individuals to know if they are infected.

A fever, while not diagnostic, is one of the primary indicators of a COVID-19 infection. Determining the body temperature of an individual requires the person taking the temperature to be in close proximity to the individual and, if the individual is infected, there is a risk to the temperature taker. Further, we live in a liberal democracy and taking an individual’s temperature can be considered ‘invasive’ and would require consent.

Enabling Remote Raised Body Temperature Sensing

Our solution, the COVID-19 Raised Body Temperature Kit,  is based on the combination of robust lightweight Augmented Reality (AR) headset combined with a temperature sensing camera, specialist software and the ability to connect to Microsoft Teams.

Raised Body Temperature Detection


The technology allows anyone wearing the headset to detect the body temperature of an individual remotely, from a distance of at least 2m. This is completely non-invasive and means the person taking the temperature remains at a safe distance at all times. A heatmap image is displayed in the integrated display that appears the size of a 7” tablet and is effective even in bright sunlight. If an individual is shown to have an elevated temperature, the wearer can independently take action, call up instructions on the integrated display through voice-commands or, connect via Teams to share what they are seeing with an expert or control room. The wearer remains hands-free at all times.

Quickly identify those with a raised temperature

Those with an elevated temperature can be quickly identified and appropriate action can be taken; testing for the antigen, isolating or recommending self-isolation depending on the circumstances. This early identification can help the individual better cope with the infection and remove them as a vector of transmission from the general population.


The technology can be used in any environment with fittings for a hard-hat, bare-head or soft-cap so it can be worn and used by doctor, police, first-responders, security guards – anyone.

The headset has a full-shift battery that can be hot-swapped for continuous operation. It is dustproof and waterproof to IP-66, fully operational from -20° C to +50° C and is built to resist being dropped from 2m onto a hard surface.

It is supplied as a hands-free all-in-one temperature sensing kit with a convenient hard case that securely holds the headset and accessories such as clips and batteries. The kit also comes with purpose-built software for the temperature sensing and the Teams software for sharing.