A quick update on Samsung’s IoT partnerships

Samsung is not only expanding its IoT partnership with ARTIK, there’s a new name in the game: PTC, the company’s latest partner.

So, what does the ARTIK IoT Platform offer? In short:

  • Reduced development costs, time, and risks
  • Serviceability to apply updates instantly and over-the-air
  • End-to-end security
  • Compatibility with existing products

PTC’s ThingWorx platform is typically used in industrial environments, and now, they are one of Samsung’s partners. However, this is not the only new partnership: Samsung is also teaming up with Greenwave Systems for analytics and Multi-Tech for cellular support.

The company is adding support to the Seeed Eagleeye530 Dev Kit, a solution that’s ready for production, and is compatible with Raspberry Pi.

As for ARTIK, you will now be able to use it in combination with Harman’s smart building software featuring an IoT deployment unit. All in all, it complements Samsung’s Smart Things Cloud quite nicely.

James Stansberry, general manager of ARTIK, believes that ARTIK, PTC, and Shoreline can present a turnkey solution with systems integrators.

ARTIK and PTC already have a partnership going, and it includes the following:

  • Asset management kits
  • Cloud services
  • Device hardware via Shoreline
  • Various tools

For better compatibility, you can now connect ARTIK modules straight to the PTC ThingWorx. On a similar note, ARTIK will be compatible with Harman’s applications, gateway, and industrial tools. As for Samsung and Harman, both report of having joint customer implementations in the works.