Qubic Remains fully operational during the current COVID-19 epidemic

The government guidelines on how to deal with the coronavirus, COVID-19 are fluid and have been changing on an hourly basis. We would like to reassure all our customers that our services are currently fully operational and will remain so for the foreseeable future as the epidemic evolves.

We are fully aware of how reliant our customers, particularly those in the Public Sector, are on our services to deliver critical support in these difficult times and we have taken measures to ensure our continued support.

Robust, tested systems

Our entire operation is capable of being managed and run remotely and we have undertaken a robust test of our systems with the entire workforce having worked from home on Wednesday of this week.

The core of our operations resides in the High-Availability Qubic Cloud meaning all business-critical services can be accessed and managed remotely by our team.

Remote working

The latest guidance is no unnecessary travel and people should, wherever possible, work from home.

To help with home working we are supporting and encouraging customers to;

  • Setup call diverts to a mobile or landline, configure mobiles to show your office number when dialling out.
  • Enable email access from anywhere.
  • Allow files and applications to be securely accessed from home.
  • Use of Microsoft Teams to keep employees ‘in-the-loop’.
  • Set up multi-factor security to keep systems safe when remote working.

To support customers we can supply, business-ready, pre-configured desktops, monitors, laptops and mobiles can be shipped directly to your employees’ homes.

Getting support

The best way to get support is to raise a support ticket via the Qubic Support Portal or to send an email to support@qubicgroup.com.